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LOL,  Are your Unit Log entries as verbose as your last post?


--- Quote from: M1Ark on Dec 14, 2005, 06:23 ---Tracer Bullet,

You're 100% on the money with your assesment.  I feel a smart Navy Nuke can make it through a PWR SRO Instant class right out of the Navy.  A Smart Navy Nuke with good instincts or situational awareness can make it through a BWR SRO instant class right out of the Navy.  I'm not trying to start a PWR vs. BWR flame thread... just calling it like I see it.  Please weigh in on the subject if you have experience in both commercial types as an SRO.

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You hit it right on the head. I think the biggest thing a Navy Nuke has to learn is you're not just an MM/ET/RO anymore and that being an SRO isn't only about knowing how to operate the plant.

The toughest part technically about a BWR is understanding the darn thing works exactly backwards than you've always been taught, and the complexity of the safety systems is mind boggling.

With a PWR if you can keep it straight that Doppler has an effect, AND the things can go critical with all Rods in if you cool down enough you should be ok. They're unbelievably simple machines. Without ridiculing anyone, I remember when I was taught ECCS at the plant I curently work at. The WHOLE class lasted maybe 4 hours and it probably could have been done sooner. It took at least a week at a BWR and even at that you'd best review it once a week until you license. (And I'm not about to get into the Isolation systems!)

On the other hand, on the Boiler Side I never had to wory about Rod Worths, Boron and Reactivity balances. When I wanted to move the plant I simply did it. PWRs require some calculating.

And yes, some of my Unit Log Entries at Fermi were LEGENDARY! LOL



--- Quote from: JMK on Dec 14, 2005, 10:31 ---
One thing though, it must get colder than an eskimo butt up there.

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I think it got up to 10 today....   :D

Rad Sponge:
I am looking forward to the interview and i will exhautively search out whatever I can find on BWR operations so I can display somewhat of a clue during the interviews.

Thanks for the gouge.

Email me. I believe I have the theory stuff on a CD.



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