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The last US Plant to go online was...

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What nuclear plant had the longest down time/shortest run time after initial start up?


melrose: the NSS Savanahaha


--- Quote from: alphadude on Dec 16, 2005, 09:39 ---melrose: the NSS Savanahaha

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Barring the "Atoms for Peace" program.... which "commercial energy producing plant"?

Nuclear NASCAR:
Browns Ferry 1?
     If generalizations can be made, all of the country's existing commercial nuclear power plants began production between 1970 and 1990 (five exceptions but not by much).
     They are located at roughly 60 sites in roughly 30 states producing roughly 20 percent of the country's electricity.
     Most will receive license extensions of 20 years on the original license of 40 years.
     Most have or will achieve production runs nearing two years and be consistently refueled in less than 30 days.
     Comment on the allowability of these generalizations would be appreciated.


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