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career nuke:
Hi im am looking for some advice, I am an MM1 with a bachelors degree in nuclear engineering from RPI and 12 years in. Never really considered myself a hot runner but I have gotten most of the quals I needed along the way.  (chief reactor watch, engineering watch supervisor, training coordinator, classroom instructor).  My primary interest is nuclear engineering ultimately I hope to work on core design.  I am getting out in about 9 months and I am trying to figure out where to market myself.  I have read on this site that instant sro is unlikely but I could really use some info about the other options.  what kind of time frame am I looking at for quals and what kind of salary do each of the areas earn.  Should I try to go into engineering, training or operations directly.  With my background am I better off with a middle entry position or just try to get my foot in the door so to speak.
I have lots of decisions looming and so far the only easy one is getting out of the navy.  Thanks in advance for your advice.

Man, Nuke Engineers are always in big demand, especially those into core design.

Don't limit yourself to just the PWR world!


I'd shoot for a job as a Nuclear Engineer, and express an interest in becoming a Shift Technical Advisor. This will do three things for you...
1.) Foot in the door - they always need new Nuclear Engineers.
2.) STAs work on shift with Licensed Operators, in some cases, STAs are Licensed.
3.) You'll learn alot about the plant on shift. Probably more than a System Engineer.

Prove yourself competent AND a leader. Then you'll be lined up to become a Shift Supervisor or Shift Manager. And then, my man - with that degree in your pocket - the sky is the limit.

(I personally prefer BWRs to PWRs)

career nuke:
What exactly does an sta do?  I have heard the term thrown around but I have no idea what they do.
I would love to get a position at seabrook, anyone know who to contact there to "target" my resume?


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