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I was wondering what kind of clearance you need to work in a nuke power plant. I just graduated with a degree in electrical engineering and I was thinking about trying to get on at a nuke power plant.

I just got out of the Navy and looking for a job, basically if the company wants you they will grant you the security clearance.  You can never get your own clearance, it has to be used to gain company stuff, so work on getting into the community first.  good luck, i am still trying to get into the civilian side.

A background check (police ect.) and a credit check will be run.  The company will perform all requred check to grant you access.  This is not quite like the DOE or DOD clearance process.  All you need to do is find a Company you would liek to work for and try and get an interview.

like previously posted, the security clearances are company clearances.  there are fed minimums for certain positions.  som plants use the minimums for all positions, others do not.  have you paid all the penalties for your infractions?  if so, it shouldn't bee two big ova problem.


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