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Rad Sponge:
I think what can be agreed on here is that:

1. He had enough brains to get through all the classroom stuff
2. He had enough brains to qualify senior in rate quickly
3. He had the desire and ability to make it through extra schools (welding, refrig, machinist? Pretty f-in useful schools)
4. He has the aptitude for nuclear power

That being said, all HR teams and interview teams are different and want different things out of their candidates. You (Broad) may have had a stricter standard and tossed his resume into the circular file.

However, you do not speak for all companies, and neither does rumrunner, but I have to say his chances are better than average to get employed.

It goes back to my orginal reply stating for him to get his butt in school while he looks for work, however his current qualifications make him a good candidate for AO/NLO jobs. Like stated previously, the interview is key, but that also goes back to my post stating losing weight is a must so he can make a good impression face to face.

Nah don't get me wrong. I'm not saying he isn't qualified.

I doubt my standards were that much higher than most other utilities. You get hundreds of resumes, many from good people with more experience.

I know in many companies all HR does is make the arrangements to get the people in, and screen out those who clearly don't qualify. Usually someone at the plant does the rest.

At Fermi my Control Room Supervisor had all resumes fowarded to him then we'd decide.

His qualifications do make him a very good candidate, I'm only saying there are those who have more experience who are better candidates and in many places his resume wouldn't get his foot into the door.

If he gets an interview he'd probably do ok. He's obviously open and good at introspection.


I never did apply for a job or submit my resume to DTE for NLO job at Fermi.  So during the interviews I was curious how they found me and HR told me that my resume was screened off the internet for 'Navy Nuclear' and 'Watch Supervisor'.

Shayne did you ever ask Mike P? All I know is yours was one of the resumes we screened.


Thanks for all the great information. But another question i have is once i get my resume together who do i need to start talking to about getting applications and finding out were there are jobs? And what will make me more of a better candiate when it comes to jobs. I dont care if i work in a nuke power plant or something else i just like being a mechanic and dont mind the job. And what kind of jobs should i be aplying for


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