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What are the current pay rates for Jr Hp and Sr HP?  Other groups too may enter into discussion, but I am most interested in the HP grade pay.

Dave Warren:
This is a pretty loaded question, partner. This is like asking what a relief pitcher makes in the big leagues. It depends on the situation.

I think a safe bet to say is that a Sr. HP can make anywhere from $22 an hour plus $50 a day per diem to $30+ an hour with no per diem. There can be an extra $2-$4 an hour Health and Welfare bonus if you don't take a company's insurance package. There can be thousands of dollars in bonuses, if you stay somewhere for a certain amount of time. There are safe worker, and project completion bonuses. Once again, its all about what you let them type above the dotted line. I think you can take the numbers I gave you and find that they are pretty close to what you will see industry-wide.

Some people will make more and will brag about how much more they make than everyone else. Bottom line: Those are normally different circumstances and they might have known someone who "hooked them up" with that job. Those big money jobs are not the standard. Just a heads up before anyone decides this is where they want to get their feet wet.

One mans opinion..............

I would say Dave is about right.  You may get more toward the high end for a clearance, NRRPT or school.  Northern states more than southern states usually. but then you have to look at cost of living.

i can't remember the last time i was getting 50 bucks a day in Diem..
the low end is like 80 a day (PV & Columbia)
Many plants in the NE pay 90-110 a day in Diem..
the pay is about what Dave said..Depending on all that other stuff & returnee blah blah.

Thank you Dave Warren.  Those are the rates that I had ranged for Statutory employment.  Perhaps some people with knowledge of wages for the plant industry would respond?  Government grades are welcome too.  Those who admit to being coporate are welcome also.


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