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Really scary to hear there is no info, i've read someone claim it requires a minimum of 11 questions answered so i've just been assuming a failure notice is coming. Does anyone know if the test is a random question bank or is it basically always the same set of questions, i'm curious if familiarity helps at all. I ask because one co-worker mentioned a section about shapes and that never happened with this other person in the test.. I've been trying to find material to help my friend and eventually myself to take this test in lieu of this potential failure, but I am having some issues. The practice test for the EEI are quite good, however once you routinely do the graphical aspect of the test enough you get to a point where you already know how to find all the solutions without the initial 'shock' of having to interpret all the data. Are there any books, sites, or resources that have many examples of that? I have only found one image on the entire internet after 5 hours of hunting that is similar, which is this.

And sure enough the image trips both of us up a bit until we catch our bearings, that is an experience we'd like to repeat many times to see if our awareness of the concept improves at all. I was also informed that the mechanical aspect of the test is very different than the practice test so i'll also be looking into the books listed in the topic for more material for that. As soon as we find out if it's a failure will determine when money is sunk to try and crunch in better results.. Any other advice is appreciated, this is a desperate situation that I don't want to make public to protect their privacy :(


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