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--- Quote from: Bearcat76 on Jan 13, 2006, 01:04 ---Thank you for your help. I appreciate it very much!! (so does my family!! This could be a great opportunity for me)

--- End quote ---

This will be a GREAT opportunity for you and your family.  What type of advice did you need?  Interview or operator life in general?  Also what plant are you interviewing?  You can PM me if you like.  I'd be glad to help.

In an effort to increase applicants familiarity with EEI Pre-employment tests, practice tests are available for the CAST, POSS, MASS, TECH and SO/PD test batteries. Please note the practice test will differ slightly from the real tests and answers and explanations have been provided for your review at the end of each practice test.

This book is the one I've seen recommended most for preparing for the POSS:

This is a link to actual practice tests:

name: southern
password: testing


Name: paper
Password: pen


Name: progress
Password: practice

I am also going for the Diablo Canyon POSS test on Saturday.  I have noticed that most of the poeple with interests in this position already have a B.S. or B.A. and maybe a M.A.  That is definetely intimidating.  I live only a few miles from DCPP and a full time student at a local college.  I was a Navy Nuke MM for 6yrs, and have been out for a year.  Do I even stand a chance against the people with these degrees?  Anything I can do or say to make myself more marketable?  Thanks.

Roll Tide:
I have never worked in California (and never considered it, but that's a different story). Having said that, let me state that Navy Nukes that have gotten out and are now local are the bread and butter of every nuclear plant in the country.

Make a passing grade on the POSS (plenty of links for studying here) as step 1.

Step 2: college
If your degree is related, explain in the interview how you will complete it after employment on a not to interfere basis. If you degree is unrelated, explain why you want to enter the labor force instead of providing California with yet another History major.

Step 3: the competition
The B.A. degreed candidates have no comparison to your Navy Nuke position, and for that matter neither does the M.A. -- Liberal Arts degrees do not help you operate a nuclear plant.
B.S. may be competition, but only Engineering degrees (IMHO) are better suited for employment in Nuke plants.

I was told the POSS is all about aptitude and I could not agree more with that after taking it a year ago.  Regarless of education level, the same percentage of people will pass it, 15%-20%.  The most important thing for a person to do that is taking the POSS is to learn the test now rather than while you are taking it.  Look at those practice tests and drill yourself with a stop watch.  Make sure you can deal with the fast pace of the test and learn how to take it.  Memorizing the conversions will also be very helpful, it is not hard after repeated drilling to memorize them.  Also know when to guess and when not too.  You penalized for wrong answers.

Do not worry about the people with engineering degrees.  Your experience as a navy nuke will serve you very well as a NLO.


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