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Joe 'Slo Joe' Davidson


Used to work with Slo Joe at Susquehanna and Surry.  He was quite the character.  When I knew hm he wore feathered earrings (hung down tio his chest)and a London Fog coat.  Was always with Bill Mahoney.  Slo Joe was killed in a car accident early one morning up in PA near Wilks Bar (Susquehanna outage}.  It was around Sept/Oct of 1987.  Slo Joe was a good tech and I will always remember him.  He was a character of a different breed.

Mike McFarlin:
I first worked with Joe at Monticello in February of 1980. From the first day I knew Joe was a little different from all the others. His attire along with his feather ear rings that looked like bass lures set him apart from the others. Also, his courage to be different.


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