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Who would you contact for overseas rp/hp work


Showme T. Money:
Wondering if anyone knows who to contact for work in overseas for HP/RP work?

dont hold your breath- unless its a unique contract they have their own HP craft. If you speak spanish there may be some work there.  (mexico and spain). ESKOM in south africa may have something but in 1998 they started developing their programs. WGI has some foreign work-(nuke related-not power plants) I have heard of some HP techs that are fluent in german getting some work through family connections (granma or uncles still live in the fatherland) so they move back over.

it would depend on what area you want to work in.  i wouldn't use one contact for everything overseas anymore than i'd use one contact for every phase domestically.  there are specific players for plants, environmental, u.s. military, etc.  are you looking for something specific or a ticket punch for your passport?


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