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What shall I expect at an outage?

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Rad Sponge:
I am going to Calvert for the 5-week outage as a Senior HP technician via Bartlett.

What exactly are the possibilities for my duties there? This will be my first and only outage as a Contracted Tech, after this I start at Calvert as a Chemistry Technician.



jmk,  you can expect duties ranging from dose rating trash to job coverage of the reactor refueling.  it might be helpful if you gave us some info as to what kind of bkg you had under your belt.  then you'll find that some of the gurus inhabiting this site might well be able to guide you explicitly in your expectations.

Rad Sponge:
I'm a former LELT Navy dude (Chem-Radcon-Mechanical)

I have no civilian certifications and experience other than 2 months at a nuclear pharmaceutical production company as a Health Physicist.

Bartlett called me back and said I could come in as a Senior HP Tech.


Slo, I'm in the chat


Having done what you're about to do one of the things you'll notice right away is contamination levels unlike anything you're used to seeing in the USN. Also the SIZE of the components, the pressurizers are the size of S/G's. Dose rates can also be a bit of a shock. However, all that being said, just pay attention to the other Sr. Techs and listen to their advice. Don't get into paralysis by analysis, and every will be just fine. I won't get into the attitude thing because from all your posts, I can tell you have a level head. Good Luck. Most of all Have Fun, I always enjoyed outages as a Sr. RP Tech.


The outage will seem like chaos to you. The numbers of people involved, the incredible amount of work being done. Concentrate on your little part of it.
As previous posts have pointed out, you'll see a lot more dose and contamination than you saw in the Navy and your containment will be bigger than your engineering spaces were in the Nav. My first job was covering RCP Seal replacement at ANO. Imagine my shock to find out the crew would be standing in the RCP Seal Cav! :o
I don't know if the Navy allows people to get planned uptakes under the TEDE concept, where the total exposue is expected to be less without the respirators than with them, but if not, that can be hard to get used to.
Expect to see telemetric monitoring, particularly in the Steam Generators.
Good luck and enjoy the Cliffs. I haven't been there in 25 yrs, but I have fond memories.


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