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What shall I expect at an outage?

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--- Quote from: Mike McFarlin on Apr 15, 2006, 02:41 ---LaFeet, where are you? Cause I'm never wrong? Spanky

--- End quote ---

 Currently  running AMOK  AMOK  AMOK  at Pilgrim.... sure could use a buddie to go to Foxwoods with 8)

What to expect? 

Everything that can go wrong on an outage, will.  Eventually.  You really wont know you're in an outage, until you fall behind schedule.  You wont get a second wind until about 10days into it. 

LaFeet, when's ur day off? I'll go with ya!  Need to brush up my Hold' Em skills!

go to mohegan sun instead, i like it better anyway.  not exactly what you expect during an outage, but when stuff is wierd, might as well have some fun.

Jason..... expect the worst and hope for the bestr......Currently we are running behind schedule at Pilgrim.  And we most likely will be here two extra weeks.  Sneaking out just in time before the "seasonal" rates hit the rental market.

As for time off... be frugal.  Nothing beats a good sleep, but the body needs food, sunshine and other goodies (I Lika da beer and foodz).  Its ok to get a few hours sleep every now and then (heck - from your pix you should be used to it), but don't forget to get the 10 hour in the rack when you can.

  Hey Indoprime... I be headin to Boston Tuesday night......gonna knock Norm off his stool


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