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What shall I expect at an outage?

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Rad Sponge:
Thanks for all the advice and words of encouragement.


Some good advice here but this stuff wasn't mentioned.  Do NOT leave open cans of pop in the breakroom fridge.  Do NOT let your food explode in the microwave and leave it for someone else to clean up.  Try not to bone your fellow technicians.  All it takes is ONE time and your reputation is set.  Do NOT complain about the supervisor's wife who came in to "work" the outage and just sits on her mudflaps all shift.

Now for some DO's  Do your share of the workload.  Do complete all your surveys, log entries, and other documentation in a COMPLETE, TIMELY, and NEAT manner.  Nothing worse than sloppy, incomplete paperwork.  I once wasted a 100 mr on a survey that the numbnuts the shift before had done but did not make a log entry, turn in a survey, or mention to the supervisor.  He turned in the survey his next shift after two days off. }:(  Anyway, that's just a few.  Just keep and open mind, open eyes and ears, ask lots of questions and have a good time.  And for Godsakes, BE CAREFUL! :)


Another bit, do stay out of the outage talk if you can help it, were all there to work. Not play games of he said she said about x person.  Remember nuclear time exist on a separate plain then normal everyday time and be prompt or even early when arriving. Depending on if your first in, being late can ruin a friends day.  Be sociable, that guy youre covering now, could be in a very different posistion a few outages from now and can make things interesting. Just stating a few of my observations from my short time bumming around the commercial circuit. Youll find awesome advice from everyone once you get there (I hate to use the term old timers but if it applies you may be able to call them that) just be open to them but in the end its up to you to act/work how you want. 


One more thing!  Don't get too used to that per diem, it can be an awful shock to the bank account rolling house from the contract side.

Some other advice from a 34 year commercial experienced person.  Do as you are asked, if you don't understand ask the person that told you to do it, don't ask another tech because what they say may not be what you have been told.  Pay attention to what is said and follow instructions.  Complete everything in its entirety.  Like one of the other repliers indicated don't criticize or belittle other people (peers and management) and don't get into the rumor mill.  It will only get you in trouble.  You are coming from a different world and what you see will be totally new.  Use your head and common sense.  Stay aware from the lazy ones and the troublemakers.  Some may seem cool but it wil only get you in trouble.  Watch the night life so that it doesn't affect your attendance and the way you do you job.  Be on Time, early is better.  Do you work don't be one of the lazy ones passing on what you don't want to do.  In this business most everyone knows most everyone, its a small world and YOUR reputation is most important.  Don't lie or take short cuts, do what you are getting paid to do and respect those that you work for and with.


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