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Looking for information on kiwi tax service. does anyone know anything about them, such as quality of service ect.?? or does anyone know of a quality tax service out there that specializes in doing taxes for the traveling worker such as most of us roadtechs ??

....Call 843-260-1644.ask for Rachell....she has been doing my taxes for years....she finds deductions(legal ones, she wont claim any that arent) that I never thought perdiem...and travel..knows all the ins and outs.......

Used Kiwi once. Had problems with my return being incorrect.

It seems that to them 1541- 0 = 0.

Go figure. Paid the tax owed + interest. E-mailed them to let them know what happened, got no response.

Didn't use them again.

use turbo or a good business program, it walks you through all the issues and the IRS dont mess with the results very much. it even tells you the "magic numbers" which the IRS uses to audit people.  However, if you get an inexperienced local IRS manager its hell- you win eventually but only after a lot of screaming and yelling. The IRS farms out all tax returns and only get a single screen info page on you from the boiler room contractor that did your taxes. These companies use turbo tax type software to do your forms and if any flags-then the IRS sends your the letter. Tax returns done by individual companies may have a higher rate of audit due to the error rate- HRBlock head is very very conservative - not usually in the favor of the tax payer but in favor of HRBlockhead. (in other words they will not push your legal deductions as needed in your favor.)

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Tom Tomasek
(402) 426-4144

This guy used to work for the IRS so he knows what he's doing!  He has done several returns for nuclear workers!


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