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Being a member of the infamous 1990 ARC tax bust at Cook, the best advice I could give would be no matter who does em for you,or what instrument you employ to do them yourself, make sure their and ultimately your grasp on the per diem thing is a firm one. 30 LARGE is a sum most of us never really ever recover from. To this day I still ponder who it was that dropped dime on us. Even as a man trying to lead a christian life, I would still obtain the utmost in satisfaction knowing that this individuals life was filled with pain and agony. On a bad day I may even extend this wish to those near and dear to him.

I have to agree with Max. I too am a member of the Cook club sans the thirty+ large. Whatever you do, leave the breakroom CPA stuff behind and validate every move you make with fact. When you sit across from the man at the appeals level it's too late in the game for the  "he said, she said" stuff. Get professional advice and follow it. The rules will fall where the IRS wants them to fall. Good luck.

gift da i.r.s. alla yer pay fer taskes, keep yer diem.  dat aughtta keep ya aughta trubble. ;)

I used Turbo Tax for the past few years without any trouble...

I am n desperate need of an tax prof. that knowa how to find all deductions on perdium


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