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--- Quote from: owsi84621 on Aug 25, 2015, 07:19 ---Same employer with 76 days off for good behavior, accepted assignment to a different location, after the new year. Current contract with employer states 8 month contract at this site and the employer is now trying to say that I've been at the same place for a year or more. Because of this I am trying to figure out what signifies a significant break or any break for that matter. I've also wrote to my congressman, asking for clarification through official channels with page, paragraph and verse out of their own tax documents. If I can get the direct answer from their codes it will be a win for all of us. We would then know the rules and be able to cite them.

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You are barking up the wrong tree if you are calling your congressman/woman. The rules are found in the administrative part of the IRS policies which follow the Code. See my blog that I have linked below. The 12 month rule is just ONE benchmark of a tax home shift. A tax home by definition is your principal place of INCOME (not your permanent residence). If you have repetitive, frequent or seasonal income in the same area that is significant in relation to any other location, we are done with the analysis- that place is your tax home regardless of where you choose to maintain your personal residence. IF you do NOT have a principal place of income going from site to site randomly nor have breached the 12 month rule, THEN your tax home can default to the place that you have significant expenses to maintain a dwelling

A Break in Service (BIS) should be significant. We try to keep our clients from spending > 12 out of 24 months in the same area AND avoid seasonality

I can also provide you a tax best practices policy from the healthcare staffing industry trade group which addresses BIS issues


--- Quote from: traveltax on Sep 13, 2010, 10:35 ---Actual lodging expenses and the Federal per diem for meals.
This assumes that you have a tax home vs a permanent residence as those two things are different

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what udder expenses can be deducted, personal care, laundry, entertainment?


--- Quote from: SloGlo on Aug 25, 2015, 01:01 ---what udder expenses can be deducted, personal care, laundry, entertainment?

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Since you are not in sales, entertainment is a personal expense
What specifically do you mean by "personal care"?
Laundry can be deducted for expenses on the road when away from your tax home

May want to look at our FAQ page on our website


--- Quote from: cairnit on Jan 05, 2008, 07:24 ---It's almost that time of year again.....and I'm wondering if anyone has a line on a good tax professional that is up on the per diem rules. Since Deb the Tax Lady retired last year, who are you going to use?

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Feel free to contact us

Feel free to post any tax questions


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