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Hello everyone,
I am looking for printable conversion tables for areas, volumes, nuclear (i.e. Sv, Mrem etc).  I remember at the shipyard we had a nice 7+/- page handout that had everything.  Would like to find another one if someone can point me the way.  I can find all kinds of online ones but looking for printable tables. 


Kevin..  a.k.a radweasel

The Health Physics and Radiological Health Handbook by Shleien has tables, calculations, and rules of thumb.

I have a flip booklet that was given out by Thermo Electron Corp. (Eberline)  It has everything you want plus a little more.

I would give them a call and ask them for oe.

Title "Radiation Measurement & Protection"

R. J. :D
bartlett hands out the blue pocket sized los alamos handbook...the best i've seen...given your post it's what you're looking the office...


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