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I recently accepted a job as an engineer.  I did 6 yrs as a EM on subs and will graduate this May with a B.S. in NucE.  The group I will be working with has a mix of ME and NucE.  I would agree that having your ME will make you more flexible, but I wouldn't say that engineering doesn't appreciate the Navy experience.  I felt I was highly recruited and in demand because I was a prior Navy guy with my degree.  It does appear the money is much better out of the gates for NLO's because of overtime and Engineers being salaried, but I did not get the impression their is lack of potential for advancement?  Good luck on your decision.   


Thanks for all the infoo. I'm not certain what I would like to do at this point, but I have plenty of time to decide. I do plan to intern for Entergy if the possibility arises next summer.

I think I would like Ops, but I would have to accept the position with the confidence that it would be a temporary position, will upward mobility (bidding for SRO) in the near future. Like I said, just with my Navy experience I already qualify for AO/NLO.

SRO training is something that would interest me as well.

But like I said, thanks guys


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