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Well here goes. Im a Junior Tech with Shaw E & I doing some low level rad. I've had this position for 13 months now and am wondering about going on the road. I have my USACE basic radiation safety cert along with my CORE card. Does anyone know how I would go about getting an 18.1 rating? Does my current time count for anything in regards to an ANSI rating? Am I hireable to anyone like Bartlett with my current skill level? From what I gather the ANSI ratings are only for plant workers am I reading this the right way? Im looking to eventually become a 3.1 then a NRRPT down the road, how can I make this happen....

To many questions, to little time.  ;)

Thanks for the idea. ;)

ANSI 18.1 and 3.1 are references to a Sr Tech at a power plant.  If you want that, you will need the andatory power plant exerience, which means starting as a junior.

You can work at other DOE, EPA and NRC sites with your experience and certifications for Bartlettlett or any other Tech company.

There is an article on this site that details what time you can count toward power plant experience:,4395.0.html

Thanks for the help!!!


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