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Charlie Pruett


Charlie Pruett passed away on May 13th 2002. The kids and I are doing ok.  For those of you who remember Charlie he was in Las Vegas when he died.  How he loved to gamble!!!!

Was my friend!He was a good person and helped me when I needed it and was always glad to see me when I was in town,
helped me get a job a few times, gave me some good picks at the OTB, he was old school tech in his day, his wife janet is one of sweetest persons out there as will,
Janet I am sorry for you and the kids, and  the last time  I seen both of you at the boat was the funest times I ever had,to me there was never a better father or husband to his family,
Charlie and Janet both helped me when I needed it! thank you both I will Miss Him.
to many friends this year.

Janet, I'm sadden by your loss.I hope Charlie did not suffer.  Charlie will be missed! :'(

dear janet, this news is like a kick in the head.I hope you and the kids are ok,I'll always think of Charlie as a buddy.We all had some good times,I'll remember them.My condolences, chuckauth.

I am soooo sorry to hear this.  I have thought of you and Charlie often over the years.  He was a great guy and your he loved to gamble.  He will be missed by all who knew him.  

remember da heshe:'(


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