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 I am trying to figure out how to get started on the traveling of the different outages. I have worked at Callaway twice now and listen to the other road crew on how different it is on the road and I am willing to give it a try. Are there any secrets on getting out there or is it just a big run around that I have been experiancing. Thank you for any information.

Well to start off what job did you work at your previous outages? decon, firewatch, tool room ect,ect. you can try emailing or faxing your resume to or to its a start and mybe after you tell us what your interested in and what you background has been to date we can be a little more insighfull and help you out in a positive manner.

tell da recruterz yawl give em the phirst 3 daze four phree, wage-wize.  still need to get the per diem up front w/ 2 way travel. 

oh yea sorry, maintaince labor.... worked with scaffold builders, also a little fire watch , hole watch, lead hangers( dont like that ,, lol ) . I enjoyed working with the scaffold builders, they make for a short 12 hour shift.


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