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Author Topic: I've been out of industry for 16 years and attempting to get back .  (Read 8687 times)

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I am attempting to get back in at a DOE site perferably SRS don't have Core card how would you recommend accomplishing this feat?

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First off Welcome to Nukeworker!  Check the Career forums, particularly the DOE forum and see if your question doesn't get answered.  In the meantime I'm certain that the helpful experienced folks here will be happy to help you out also.  You might also check the Facility & Company Information forum for more answers.

Best of luck,
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James, check out the job postings for ACTS, INC; they have several jobs posted, one which is at SRS. Many companies just require that you be able to "pass" the core qualification not that you hold a current core card.


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And if you want a study CD just go to our shop section and buy it.  It should definetely help you pass.   PS. welcome to

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Dear James,

I've been out for 10 and doing the same thing.  More than willing to share info, sort of an unholy alliance, if you will.  I'm local to SRS and trying to find a way to get CORE card near there.  Any help appreciated and reciprocated.  After 8/14, my email will change to

Best of Luck,


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A friend of mine just got hired on through ACTS, and they gave him the test here on site after they hired him.
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I have a friend who went with ACTS and it seems no one fails the test, so I would say they do a good job helping you to get ready for your test.
good luck to all!


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