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Well since Duke doesn't seem to be making the mistake of hiring Instants directly out of the Navy here's what I'd do.

Hire in as an NLO. Go to NLO school and qualify as an NLO. About the time you're done with this you'll meet the experience requirement to be selected for SRO, plus you'll have much of the training and ground level knowledge you'll need.

Then when an SRO bid comes up bid it, you'll already have your degree, you'll be retired military and you'll have in plant experience which gets you a LOT of respect, provided you don't try to apply the Navy brand of "Leadership"

If the cards play our right it might take you 2 years, 3 at the most.

War Eagle or SMISH, you are both welcome to call me at my house. If you desire to do so just PM me, I'll give you my phone number.


War Eagle:
I can't thank you enough for the help and advice you gave me offline.  If you're ever in New York, let me know; I owe you a beer or two.


Anytime man, I enjoyed the conversation. You have my number, feel free to use it! WE'll have to hook up for that beer.



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