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Looking for security union members


I am looking for union members in security to contact me.  We have begun an organization of sites around the country dedicated to sharing information among security members.  With this organization we can become stronger, better informed unions by sharing invaluable information, by having access to other union's contracts, etc.  Any site, any union local, in-house or contractor, is welcome to join.  If your local is interested in joining our organization, please email me and I will put you into contact with the appropriate people.  We currently have 10 sites from across the country and are looking to expand our knowledge base with even more sites.

Please email me at:

HI WHERE IN THE MIDDLE OF DISBANING OUR LOCAL AND STARTING OUR OWN S.O.S.A. we are looking for anyone from hanford that has the exemption for running the mile let me know what you can find out email me at wolf83404@yahoo,com


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