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Am I shooting myself in the foot?

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--- Quote from: Broadzilla on Mar 06, 2006, 04:18 ---That won't fly with Ops. Don't even mention the second job bid unless they bring it up. Odds are neither dept will even know you bid into the other department.

All Ops will care about is how you can benefit Ops.

My guess is that's all I and C will care about.


--- End quote ---

Mike is exactly right, Alpha gave some not useful advice there. I lost out on an operator spot at Comanche Peak doing that exact thing, even though I was a qualified NLO at another large PWR.

As they say in parts of Texas..."ya dance with the one that brung ya..."

I can't think of too many of the maintenance types that didn't like the Operations Shift rotation schedule that gave us 7 days off in a row.  When I left Fermi, I&C made slightly more than the Operators.  I don't think it really made that much of difference though, it really didn't come down to that much at the end of the year.

Some organizations may view pursuing the other job as either a slight or that you don't really want to do that job.  If you get in as ops, you can always move to I+C.  Or, go I+C first then be an operator eventually.   Pursue the one you have the best chance (unless you really want the other job, which doesn't seem to be the case here) at getting then move over is what I would do.


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