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FFD violation (slipped a "mickey" or something close)

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I just wanted to hear from my fellow nukeworkers on this subject. The world has truly changed. I would like to know If anyone out there has, or knows of persons (no names please) who have lost a clearance because of some dipsh#t that "slipped a mickey" at a bar or something like that. I've read about these things in the paper all the time, and it's a scary reality to face if it would happen to any of us in the commercial nuke industry!:o :(

If someone is careless enough to be slipped a mickey they deserve what they get.


--- Quote from: Broadzilla on Mar 18, 2006, 05:05 ---If someone is careless enough to be slipped a mickey they deserve what they get.

--- End quote ---

Additionally, if they found out that they were slipped a "mickey", they should have filed a police report AND informed their supervisors ASAP.  Granted, it will arrouse suspicion, but at least you will have your buttocks covered when the pee pee test pops up.

that's not fair.  while I understand "they slipped me a mickey" is too easy an excuse, I think that anybody, unless they've had special training and go thru the world on "alert" the whole time, could have a mickey slipped to them.  I know my stepmom was slipped a mickey and now occasionally has flashbacks.  she thinks it was LSD.  it happened back in the 60s or 70s.  maybe she is lying, but my cousin's husband went to New Orleans and his food was drugged by a waiter (who is now in jail).  they wanted to rob him, but the drug made him hallucinate, and he ran off the top of a building because of the drug's effect, killing himself.  so you're saying my cousin's husband got what he deserved, huh?  thanks alot.

I keep my drink with me at all time. When I smoked I never bummed a cig in a bar. I always lit my own.

Simple precautions, and a mickey is impossible.


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