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FFD violation (slipped a "mickey" or something close)

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I don't think that's correct.   Arguably, any language is a living, breathing changing entity.  So for the here and know, even though it is euphemistic, I think gender is entrenched as a word and is being used correctly.  I hate that it had to come about because people didn't like using the word "sex", but we are who we are.

gen·der [ jéndər ] (plural gen·ders)

1. somebody's sex: the sex of a person or organism, or of a whole category of people or organisms ( often euphemistic to avoid the word "sex" )
2. grammar categorization of nouns: the classification of nouns and pronouns in some languages according to the forms taken by adjectives, modifiers, and other grammatical items associated syntactically with them
3. grammar category of noun: any one of the categories into which nouns and pronouns are divided in languages that have gender, e.g. masculine, feminine, neuter, or common


--- Quote from: Roll Tide on Mar 25, 2006, 08:19 ---I guess BZ was just saying that there are definitely some stupid things you see people do. Most could be caught by a determined thug.
The best advice I saw was from BC: treat it as a crime. I have a feeling that a police report would go a long way towards helping the plausibility of your story if you later failed a test.

--- End quote ---

inan attempt to return to the thread.... treating being slipped a mickey as a crime may be an answer, but i doubt it would be an adequate one.  i mean it's not like rape, although the violation is certainly in place.  perhaps violations as there is the physical when you fall on the floor.  there is the mental, because you certainly cannot trust the whole populace that you were with (hope it woodent ever happen in times square on december 31th or washington, dc on the july 4th, as that would be a hole buncha peoele).  not to mention the
psychological as thought processi being scrambled ala morning eggs.  no, it's more like proving the crime.  you fill out the report, 'n that would be it, because the cops certainly have a lot more to do than try 'n figger out iffen you got criminally dosed, accidentally dosed, or self dosed.   after ingestion, fingerprints would be hard to lift from the contraband.  the victim stating what the contraband was would be self incriminating, as how would the vic know?  besides, i think a certain askance would be a prevalent attitude in the police department.  trained to be professionally skeptics, i think one of the initial deductions would be that the alleged victim was filing a report to cover an indescretion. 


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