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I have interviewed for a position in a nuclear plant. The interview went really well, and honestly I expect an offer in the next week or so. There were several little things in the interview that lead me to feel this way.

Anyways, I'm one year into a chapter 13 bankruptcy. I am wondering is this will prevent me from getting the job once the credit check is done. I am doing fine now financially and have no problems, but still, it will take time for my credit report to reflect this.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Already Gone:
If you're making the payments to the trustee as per the court's order, then there's no problem.  You are far better off from a security/reliability standpoint than someone who has insurmountable debt or is in default.
Bankruptcy does not always mean that someone was financially irresponsible.  Through the course of life, people acquire debt for many reasons; mortgage, car loan, furniture, medical bills... etc.  If you lose your job, or are confronted with a huge expense - such as a serious illness - debts that you were paying off can become impossible to bear.  That's why there are bankruptcy courts.
Sure, a lot of people spend too much with plastic because it's just too damn easy.  They get over their heads and have to resort to a chapter 13.  Others are just irresponsible and don't care.  Usually, you'll find that these people are "serial" filers.  They abuse the bankruptcy laws.
Even these people are not a risk to security.  They might not be able to manage money, but it doesn't mean that they are untrustworthy.
Someone who is driving a jag, with a stated income of $40k, or who has recently acquired property that they shouldn't be able to afford, is a problem.  Someone who passes a lot of rubber checks is a problem.  Someone with too much debt and DOESN'T file a bankruptcy is a potential problem. (they may be bought off or coerced into doing things to relieve the debt)
If you filed one chapter 13, and are paying as ordered, you need not worry much.  Now, if they find out about the stockpile of bootleg DVD's, moonshine, and knockoff Tommy Hilfiger gear you've been peddling....  Just kidding!

Thanks a lot.

Actually, my wife has Crohns disease and typically will visit the hospital twice per year for up to a week at a time. Well, one such episode hit us while I was unemployed and I got stuck with a LOT of bills. The additional bills made the credit cards unmanageable. There really were no problems before the medical bills added up.

I appreciate the answer and I hope the company looks at it the same way you do. I have been sweating this for a few days now wondering if it will matter. As I said, everything is just fine now..its just that my credit report hasnt caught up with things. Its still pretty bad.

I interviewed for a position and I have a really good feeling about it. I think I will get an offer really soon.

I havent worked nuke since the navy 12 yrs ago. I have been in fossil fuel since and I'm comfortable here..maybe too comfortable. The "challenge" has peaked. I want more challenge and I think going back nuke will give me that opportunity. I applied for an aux operator position.


--- Quote from: BeerCourt on Mar 18, 2006, 04:35 ---If you're making the payments to the trustee as per the court's order, then there's no problem.  You are far better off from a security/reliability standpoint than someone who has insurmountable debt or is in default.
--- End quote ---

Beer Court is absolutely right. If you were still under a huge pile of bills and NOT in bankruptcy, you might be considered a risk. One reason for the credit check is to see if someone is in a position where they might be vulnerable to financial pressure such as a payoff for sensitive information regarding plant systems, operations, or security. The fact that you have filed for bankruptcy...(and the rate of "medical bankruptcy" as it is now known in the U.S. is climbing at an alarming rate)...shows a sense of financial responsibility on your side to take control of and rectify a problem.

Good luck with the job prospect!

How far back do they go anyway?
Not that I'm overly concerned with any findings...I dont have any with the exception of a little incident when I was 16. No drugs. Just kids being kids. I ask mostly because I am curious as to how long the background check will take.


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