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As distasteful as it was I called my ex brother in law tonight. He has a degree in pharmacy, and used to be a pharmacist until he realized he'd make more money selling cars. He's familiar with the Navy Nuke program because of me.

He said at the MOST you might get 8 credits out of the way but to do so they'd require some sort of test out.

Just wondering why the heck you'd ask a question like this on a nuke board? I will admit it inspied me to go on a board devoted to shakespearian scholars to ask about how much Beowulf I'd have to read in order to get a medical degree, then again I'm weird.


it ain't gonna be any more difficult than becoming a pharmacist with a diesel background.   yer gonna hafta study pharmacy.  with a nuke navy bkg, you might be a bit ahead of yer classmates with isotope familiarity, then again, most of the nuke meds don't deal with fission products.  then, again, the nuke navy path will be far more constructive than the recreational drug usage path.  'n more fiscally rewarding, too.

Well, from talks with head hunters, it is real easy to get jobs in pharmacuticals sales. If thats anyhelp. odd thing, one wanted me to push an arthritis medication called mobic. Funny thing is though Mobic didn't work for me an he didn't like it when I told him Celebrex does. I guess I am curious what drives a person to want to be a pharmacist? Having stood in line numerous times at the pharmacy, I can honestly say I have never seen a happy one.



It is not as outlandish as it may sound. It is not unreasonable at all to use your nuclear tech background as means of entering the medical world. There is a shortage not only of nuclear pharmacists, but also medical physicists and nuclear med techs. There have been many a person with B.S. in Physics or Nuclear Engineering that have gone the medical route-it will just take you awhile if you are currently enlisted. Don't get too caught up in the power plant world-there are other opportunities out there.


--- Quote from: visserjr on Mar 31, 2006, 08:58 ---Well, from talks with head hunters, it is real easy to get jobs in pharmacuticals sales.
--- End quote ---

pharm sales ain't necessarily being a pharmacist.  pharmaceutical sales very well could be operating out of the trunk of yer car (minivan) selling pharms to the pharmacy and doctors offices.  or it could be an inside sales position with a phone earpiece as a quasi-permanent installation when in yer cubicle.  or a bunch of other scenarios, the least of which could be construed as working the corner fer j-rhome. ;)


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