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Roll Tide:
When I was at Turkey Point, I never heard of the Professional Reactor Operator Society (PROS); at my current site it is considered the greatest thing since sliced bread. Any members out there with an opinion?
Speak up, or I will remain a straight Arrow (Amateur Reactor Operator)!

Roll Tide,
PROS is a great opportunity for Licensed Reactor Operators to discuss and communicate problems, share information or just to learn from each other. PROS was founded in the early 1980's as consequence of the TMI-2 accident.
Membership is growing, and as you see, there is also membership in Europe.
I can recommend all interested ROs to check the website ...... ....... or ask other members from your  plant about PROS and its benefits.

Roll Tide:
Thanks Marco;

As a previously (and future) licensed operator, I meet the membership requirements. I would just like some input from you and others on the board here as to the value of membership.

Good to see your back Roll Tide! You have been missed.

Roll Tide:
Glad to be back.

Now get back on the topic. I haven't edited you in months, Rome!


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