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How do I get to San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station?

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The navy nuclear coordinators got a plant tour scheduled tomorrow at SONGS. Does anyone know the exit off the I-5 Im supposed to take? Finally I get a tiny glimpse of what this is all about. Thanks.

I want to say it is the same exit as Camp Pendleton North Gate.  However, It is a few miles South of San Clemente, and a few miles North of Camp Pendleton.  There will be a sign saying SONGS this exit, in the vicinity.  Make sure you are on I-5 while taking these directions

Already Gone:
Christianitos Road

Thanks guys Im excited already for tomorrow. Hopefully Ill learn a thing or two.

You'll have better luck if you turn at Basilone Road. Cristianitos is a tad farther north. At Basilone, you'll see the tops of the dome just over the road. Park in Lot 4, it has a nice ocean view.


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