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How do I get to San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station?

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Already Gone:
Once again you are correct!!!
Christianitos Rd is the exit to the North gate of Pendelton.

usta be that yude get off at san clemente, go south and have a burger at big helen's bar and restaurant, then continue south until the big concrete domes wood hyde the vue of the ocean.  make a right 'n park at the flagpole.

Once again, you are correct.  However, we left work at 6:00 am, stopped at Big Helens for Red Beer and eggs, then went to bed for the next Night Shift!!  Jackie......ohhhh what a dream...

kydron, how did the tour go?

I have to say I did enjoy it although I wish it was actually In-Plant, we just went to different rooms around their training facility and there were small demos spread around different classrooms (this was all after a long powerpoint on the basics of nuclear power). Nevertheless, I did at least got a better idea of how the whole process goes. The coolest part was the control room simulator where there were old guys(compared to myself being 20) training on different scenarios. The only thing I kinda didnt like was that the tour guy kept mentioning how you'll make 6 figures if you become a licensed operator, and from what I have gathered here thats not really the case? I mean Im just trying to be realistic. Anyways It was fun and it just made me want to ship out and start my schooling already.


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