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Hello All!

I hope I’m posting this in the right thread, my apologies to the mod and group if it’s not where it should be.

Does anyone have a point of contact for the maintenance of the plant simulator at Monticello?  I’m a Flt. Sim. Tech, but would like to apply for a position at a nuclear power plant sim.

Many thanks in advance for any information you might have.   

Roll Tide:
Nice to have you here. Is Monticello the only simulator you are interested in? If you are interested in simulator employment in general, a better place would be under the Career: NRC as a new topic. Let me know and I will start one...

Hi Roll Tide,

Thanks for the fast response! 

I inquired about the Monticello facility only because I live in the Twin Cities…  The Prairie Island plant would actually be closer, but I’ve found zero information (on the web) about any Prairie Island simulator, so assumed they didn’t have one.  I am probably wrong about that…

A new topic under the Careers thread for simulation would be sweet!  Thanks!

Roll Tide:
Consider it done!

Turkey Point had I&C techs that did the simulator maintenance; does anyone know about simulator maintenance on a contract basis? The original query was regarding Prairie Island / Monticello....


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