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SGPO Questions, Do I even have a chance?

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Roll Tide:

--- Quote from: aturner on Apr 26, 2006, 09:52 ---Roll Tide, I applied to the Browns Ferry site.

--- End quote ---

If Scottsboro is your desire, it is only about 10 miles farther to Sequoyah. Hollywood (Bellefonte) would be near equal distance to Browns Ferry and Sequoyah. Sylvania is probably a little closer to Sequoyah.

Of course, if you just want to be in the region, anything TVA would work. If you really want to get in with TVA, consider all the nuclear sites.

M1Ark isn't TVA. He works for another utility so he can give a different perspective. He and I used to work for the same utility whose NLO hiring process was quite a bit different than that of TVA. The bottomline is in the end the candidates have to sell themselves that they have what it takes to work at a nuke. Lots of candidates with great looking resumes haven't made it because they blew it at the interview.


     It's good to have someone in the boat with me.  My test date is May 6 at Northwest.  I was told the only dates were May 5 and 6 for this hiring.  Are you scheduled for either of those days?  I already have my ticket booked and will be flying in Friday to take the test.

Roll Tide,
     You said it in your last statement.  I just want to get in.  Location is not an issue for me.  Anywhere they would like to place me I would like to work.

By the way, where is the training located at for the SGPO?? 

I have looked up the directions.  We are from NE AL originally so I don't think it'll give me a problem, we just happen to be in CA right now.  I already have a hotel booked in the area for Friday night so I should be ok to find it Sat. morning.  We have plans to come in on the 10-14 also and I had inquired about taking the test then but was told it was only on the 5th and 6th.  Someone at TVA give me a number to call regarding the testing ( EEI ??? ) and they told me the dates also so I think you're good on your Friday test date.

Thanks for the help.


Roll Tide:
SGPO training is given at the site where you are assigned. Each TVA Nuke has a training center outside the gate (though it may not be within walking distance). That is typically where your interview will be held.


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