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Lorrie Henson:
Hey...just wondering what's the norm for job evaluations.  During your exit, is it automatic that you receive a job evaluation?  Do you have to request one?  Do you have to sign it?  Does it differ from company to company, state to state?  Is it a courtesy thing from a company or a 'law'? 

Thanks, in advance, for all of your help.

Lorrie   :D

Are you talking about "how am I doing survey" or nuclear concerns?

The employee evaluation is a company specific function.  There are no laws requiring your employer to evaluate your performance.

Lorrie Henson:
Thanks.  Yeah, I'm talking about the job evaluations they perform during the exit interview.  Ok, I understand the company doesn't have to do an eval, but if they do, are they required to show it to you and/or have you sign it?

Thanks again,

No they are not required to do either.



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