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nonnuke reasons for plant closings

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howz about shoreham?  closed due to public outcry after about 1/2 day of operation.

well money talks, and Bush sr was close friends with the local politician that had lots of campaign money to get the place close down...   even though our zeal for the industry does influence our thoughts .... locals do have the right to decide.. its a democracy thang.. even though the idea maybe illogical.

Trojan and Rancho Seco could be added to the list of plants closed for nonnuke reasons.

Songs 1 back in the early 90's.

Roll Tide:
I would say the best reason for a plant closure was Big Rock Point in MI. Plant management decided 39 years was enough, so they didn't run the final non-extended license year available. Considering plants with 10X the output are considered "borderline" on efficiency, I would say 39 years was a very good run.

In case you are counting, no one has hit 40 years while operating....
The renewals don't matter (yet)


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