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Do House-Jobs Make You Old?

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Just testing a theory that putting up with all the politics, etc in a house job ages you. 

(Probably  ALMOST as quickly as raising kids!)  ;)

hadda go with the traveler routine,  but i ain't traveled fer while, 'n i ain't house neither.  sew whatsa full time emloyee offa contracting firm supposed to due?  why, take da munny, duh!

Let's see . . . speaking only for myself (and as an ex-house tech), being a house tech doesn't make you old, but, if you let it, it might make you fat and bitter (laughing).  As a house tech, you get to go home every day and eat regular and you don't run around as much in between outages while at work.  And if you don't remember that is only your job and not your life, taking everything personal can make you bitter.

I'm firmly convinced that "getting older" is more attitudinal than anything else, so I always guard my attitude.  You gotta remember to laugh a lot and enjoy your time away from work.  Don't take your job home.  Heck, I know a lot of road techs who take their jobs home and get bitter, too.

I work for a paycheck.  The paycheck let's me enjoy my life.  Heck, staying out of debt let's me enjoy that paycheck, also.


--- Quote from: UncaBuffalo on May 27, 2006, 11:38 ---Just testing a theory that putting up with all the politics, etc in a house job ages you. 

--- End quote ---

Oh Yeah. Since going house my hair has thinned and turned gray. Just the other day someone asked who was that guy on my picture badge with the full head of dark hair?
Also, I have noticed that in twenty years of Rent-A-Teching I only recall having to call in sick (for real) a couple of times. Since going house and putting up with all of the **** I've had more sick days then I can count.
Now I do tend to take the stairs instead of the elevator and can still run up several flights of stairs. I have noticed that those co-workers who take the elevator along with their donuts tend to slow down a bit and expand.

The worst part about going house is the type of co-workers who are more interested in climbing the corporate ladder instead of getting the job done. I always thought teamwork meant working together with a diverse crew to "git r done". I found out that a certain kind of house defined teamwork means "do what I say"

And by the way Kids don't age you, they keep you busy doing the things you almost forgot about.

climbing the ladder is a job


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