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Upgrading Environmental Radiation Data

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I'm looking for a copy of:

--- Quote ---Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 1980c. Upgrading Environmental Radiation Data,
Health Physics Society Committee Report HPSR-1. EPA 520/1-80-012, EPA, Office of
Radiation Programs, Washington, D.C. (PB81-100364)

--- End quote ---

If anyone has a pdf, please send it to me.

why would you need this pre DQO material?  If you are doing a statistical analysis, follow statistical methods (negative values).

The short answer is, "Because it is referenced, and some one else wants it".   It is often referenced in conjunction with a specific method for significant figures.

ORISE should have a copy if you are in Oak Ridge. There are several copies here at LANL, but as usual its a pain to xerox.

I'm at Yankee Rowe at the moment.


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