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How do I become a Nuclear Reactor Service Technician?

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I'm a college student now, studying business.  I recently talked with a Level II Nuke Reactor Service Tech.  He travels around from Nuke Reactors all across the world.  He says his main duties are refueling and inspecting.  What is the best route to go after this job for a young man like myself?  I'm extremely interested in a position like this.  Thanks in Advance

Roll Tide:
My gut feeling is to get on with a utility and qualify through SRO (or at least RCO). While it will take time to get there, you would then be at that place in your career to make a jump over to reactor service tech. Of course, you might compare the money first; licensed (RCO) and senior licensed (SRO) personnel make pretty good money in this business.

Call the companies that do the reactor servicing.  They are all hiring.

Thanks for the replies, are there any Reactor Service Techs on this board?  If so, what sort of degree do you have or what kind of degree are they looking for?  Thanks in Advance

if your main interest is in reactor disasembly/reasembly refueling of reactors and inspection you might want to contact areva,masterlee,westinghouse or GE and talk with their recruiting or HR departments and let them know what your interests are. hope this helps you BTW i work for masterlee if you need some additional info I may be able to help you so feel free to email me or PM me.



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