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Please post your resume in our job board.  Even if you are not looking for a job, please post your resume.  You can choose to “hide” your resume.  If you hide it, your resume will never be visible to employers, or anyone else.  – But I need to tell employers that we have ## resumes in our database, so they will post their jobs on our site.  It’s easy, and only takes a few moments.  Think of it as doing your part to help the site.  As an added benefit, you can store the word document version of your resume on our system for free, so you can grab it from any computer when you need it.

Also, some day in the future, we may merge the forum user DB with the job board user DB, so it would be better for everyone if they registered in the job board now.


Mike McFarlin:
Very handy. You have your resume' anytime a job appears.

the two being merged would be nice....a nice clean interface integrating both would be a pleasure rather than having to log into another thing when youre already logged into one. 

Mike McFarlin:
Yea, but this ain't bad.


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