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i'm a PO1 EWS,QAI, EPA certified, submarine mechanic getting ready to get out after 6 years.
spent 4.5 years on a trident and would like to work in the southwest. any advice on where to work, good stuff to put on my resumes, and what specific jobs i should be looking for at a nuclear plant would be appreciated.

Entry level job.

By the way, there is already plenty of info available in previous threads. Might I sugest reading through them?


Roll Tide:
If I were looking Southwest, it would be towards Palo Verde or one of the fine plants in Texas (depends on how much West you want with your South). Operations would be my first area to examine, since there are many vacancies in the near future as the first commercial generation of operators retires.

When you have a detailed question, fire away!

Best time for Ops is either very early in the year (usually around spring)  right after utilities get their new budgets, or very just prior or after the fall outage season.


I hear Palo Verde will be looking for resumes in October for a class start of January for an NLO position. 


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