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When I interviewed at Davis Besse in 1990 one of the things that turned me away from them was the length of time it took to get into a license class due to Union issues. At the time I believe it was around 9 to 12 years. I figured if I went somewhere else and it was merely based on ability it would take a lot less time. So I chose Fermi, which had a better initial pay at the NLO level. I was in an RO class in 16 months, an SRO class in a bit over 6 years and a Shift Manager at 9 1/2 years.

My background was Navy MM and ELT. I also had a First Class Steam Engineer License from the state of Ohio but that came after I got my RO License. I worked at a dirt burner in Ohio on my days off at Fermi. It was rather stange being a Control Room Operator at a dirt burner at the same time I was walking the floors at Fermi but the money was excellent.



--- Quote from: Roll Tide on Jun 26, 2006, 02:27 ---To put this in perspective, I had been on the board for 3 months as an RO by my 3 year point after hiring in at Turkey Point. No waivers, no special permission, no union negotiations. Luck of the draw, but I saw people do it in 2.5 years. You can do it under 5 years many places (as workers retire).

--- End quote ---

Turkey Point is not a typical plant in that their turnover is higher than most.  St. Lucie will normally take 11-15 years from initial hire to RO.  Here's some additional plant data I know about from benchmarking trips  (Initial hire to RO):

Diablo Canyon - 11 years
Susquehanna - 15 years
Nine Mile Point - 7 years
San Onofre - 11 years

Use your best judgement... non-union promotes the best candidates.  Union plants promotes the best senior candidates.

Either way the NLO position pays well and is rewarding. 

Roll Tide:

--- Quote from: M1Ark on Jun 27, 2006, 07:14 ---Turkey Point is not a typical plant in that their turnover is higher than most. 

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That could be the understatement of the year! M1 is exactly correct in that it isn't typical, but fast advancement is possible if you are willing to go where they have the biggest shortage of operators. That would include union plants allowing instant bargaining SROs.


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