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I have been surfing around the various utilities sites lately trying to get a feel for how they advertise different positions.

However, I can't seem to find jobs that are listed the way we talk about them here.  I have yet to come across any listing for NLO or SRO (the instant brand).   I have seen AuxO, however, at one utility. 

Do these positions have any other nomenclature than the ones listed above?

NucEng for Hire:
I've seen instant-SRO opportunities posted as "Control Room Supervisor", "Direct-SRO Candidate", "Supervisor, Nuclear", "Operations Specialist", and instant-SRO training as part of postings for "Shift Technical Advisor" and "Shift Engineer".

No sooner than I posted this did I find an NLO spot listed as "NLO-trainee".

I figured those SRO spots were hidden in other listing.  Thanks.

Some utilities you will not be able to see any RO/SRO jobs.  They fill most of them internally before it has a chance to post outside the company.

I like to use or  Most companies advertise through them.  A search for SRO list an SRO-Instant position at Surry and Kewaunee.


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