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I was perusing the site a while ago and saw a post about the breeder core at Shippingport. Now I can't find that post.
It had a link to an article that I found interesting, especially when some break room discussion turned to the future of nuclear and breeders in general.
Any help would be appreciated.

Breeder links that I have found with saps in them…

pleez note dat i found thez, i didn't read 'em, 'k?

Thanks for the links.... the first one was exactly the one I was looking for

mike_koehler.... yer welcome.  i have been looking for one that has jimmy carters speech in it.  i can't remember the date he gave the speech, or what the speech was for (state of the union, perhaps), but it was the one where he killed the breeder research in this country.  he stated that there would never be a breeder reactor in this country.  meanwhile, the u-th core was quietly breeding away in pa. ;D


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