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For all of you thinking about going to the UK, they had better give you some serious Per Diem, below are the Federal Rates for over there.  The Dollar is very weak against the Pound.

LodgingM&IETotalEffectiveUNITEDKINGDOM3071734806/1/2006London2901534436/1/2006Belfast2421073496/1/2006Birmingham2891374266/1/2006Bristol2511243756/1/2006Cardiff, Wales2711103816/1/2006Caversham3071734806/1/2006Crawley2811344156/1/2006Edinburgh2391233626/1/2006Gatwick2421283706/1/2006Glasgow153932466/1/2006Harrogate1521182706/1/2006HighWycombe3071734806/1/2006Horley2141273416/1/2006Liverpool2511423936/1/2006Manchester153932466/1/2006MenwithHill2191133326/1/2006Oxford1921133056/1/2006Portsmouth2711103816/1/2006Reading1921133056/1/2006

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Generally the UK companies do not pay per diem as in the USA, but rather weekly you can claim against you taxes for accomodation, meals etc. Most of the places you can share a house for at least 100 to 125 pounds per week. One place the accomodation was very expensive so the company subsidised the accomodation, and only ended up paying about 100 pounds per week, just for accomodation i.e a room in a house to share.


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