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If anyone has lodging information for this facility, please post it here.

This is the place to talk about how your outage is going or other general discussions related to this facility. You can talk about most anything directly related to this facility, as long as is complies with the forum rules.  Please read the forum rules before posting in this area.

Rate this facility, and discuss your vote. Keep it positive and civil. Use your head when posting a comment; you don't want to get the corporate lawyers after either of us. If this section gets abused, it will be removed. Review the forum rules before posting here.

Reply with 'local flavor'. This would include places to eat, as well as other points of interest.  If you have a weekly get together, post it here and invite other NukeWorkers in the area.

I just got here to Sizewell B mid-June. I have only sampled 7 or 8 local pubs so far and haven't found any that I didn't like (Eel's Foot, White horse, Regatta, Parrot and Punchbowl.....). The Adnams Bitter Beer is an aquired taste. They do have chilled beer that comes out of the tap.

It is tough to find lodging here this time of year (July - August) as this is Holiday time. Believe Mike when he speaks of expensive. The dollar is weak and the cost is high. 


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