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Passing Grade for Plant Entrance Exams

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RP Instructor:
In the push to meet outage staffing needs, are we in nuclear training "pushing-people-through-the-pipeline" merely to meet the needed number of people to cover all the work that'll be done? Are folks really "learning" anything, or merely "getting their ticket punched"? Your opinion please.

Having been a trainer at a DOE facility I can now say:

1. 20% of the work force could not read a lick.
2.  Since the Union fostered this I could not flunk them on tests.
3.  The tests were read to them with mucho emphisis on the correct answer ie: when making the wrong choice the reader would say ARE YOU SURE THAT IS THE ANSWER YOU WANT OR WOULD YOU LIKE ANOTER CHOICE.
4. I was removed from my position for not going along with the status quo.

So in answer to the question :It is a cattle chute.  Feed them through the line to get them in.

As i heard one Exelon tester say, "We need a set number of sponges during every outage, regardless of their knowledge level"

This may be a little off topic but,,, I recently took a 6 week RCT course, paid for by myself. I took the test yesterday and made a 90. I have no experience. Any way, all of the job openings I have found require experience.. Any advice??? Was my 90 a good score?

80% seems reasonable to me, although I have seen various ways some Techs(?) pass. As we all know its not so much the knowledge you can regurgitate as well as how you can apply that in the field.

The darkside was not meant for cheating, its meant for winning


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