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yesterday I spoke with EG&G and they said they had bid on some work as well, they will know more bye the end of the month what work and where. The talk is that marcom also has work in the UK as well, but have not made it public yet. There Is alot of upcoming work in the UK and I think in the next few months there will be alot more information out there. Anyone else out there heard any rumors?

I have not heard anything but i am very interested in decon/hp work there..great opportunity to travel and do some work !  Let me know if you hear anything ..

thanks :)

yes, it slo getting them to decide over there... if August is the date expect latter.. there are about 4 or 5 companies that have all said they are going over there but at present its resume collecting.... Bcock' is over there now so expect them to have an inside line..Barlet' was over there talking to them but its still up in the air....

Many companies will have a piece of the sub-contract pie.  Initially, they will only be taking the "Experienced Professionals", of the highest levels (our D&D Project Managers, and Certified Health Physicists, for example), people that they can not higher locally.  There is always a potential for employing technicians, but don't hold your breath, because they intend to employ them locally.  There is no reason to pay us $500/ per diem when they can hire local technicians to do the job.  What they lack, and are seeking, is the people that have run our major D&D projects.

welll yes and no, they have American technical people overthere now..  but you are right about the meter swinging tech-- they have lots of those. 


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