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A documentary film about you, nuclear workers

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My name is B. Rich.  I am a graduate film student at Columbia College Chicago working on my thesis documentary film.  I am exploring the industry (vs. the "issue") of nuclear energy.  I want to offer an audience the opportunity to go behind the scenes of each stage of the process (mining, processing, enrichment, reactors, waste storage/reprocessing), meet you and your colleagues and get an honest, objective look at the technologies and people that make it all happen.  I'd like to inform (and hopefully entertain) the audience rather than convince them of anything; let them decide for themselves what to think of nuclear energy.   

I'd love to hear from you.  Ultimately I'd love to come to your community and film your world, interview you, explore the facilities and have it all explained.  I've been researching for a year or so and now am ready to finally start meeting people.   

I've begun to contact some of the companies involved in the process, but if any of you have suggestions as to how (or who) to go about getting clearance, permissions, etc. for mines, the enrichment plant (I'm looking forward to going back home - Kentucky) or reactors, I'm all ears.  I'm expecting some serious skepticism with regards to bringing a camera near anything to do with "Nuclear" in today's political climate, but I'm willing to go through the hoops.

Thanks for you help.  You can respond to me here or email me at   Anything you have to say will be appreciated.


B. Rich

can't say as that i've anything to offer you for your film (except perhaps if you're still in need of someone for the starring role)..   but since i like the idea i did karma ya..   good luck and i hope it works out real well....   (by the way...   i'm willing to work cheap)

use as the diva jessjenn, LD5030 as the lost soul, beercourt as mr knowledge, slogo as the character from the lower east side, dave warren as dave warren.
trinity's children; life along america's nuclear highway...bartimus, mccartney

i just had to read over what it means to get karma'd.  thanks.  i feel better already.

don't be so sure you have nothing to offer.  your field qualifies you.  i'm sure you have opinions, ideas, dreams, hopes, fears.... they're all important i think. 

as for suggestions for the roles, great.  though it's a doc, it's still a film.  and you can't have a film that anybody would want to watch (or leave it feeling glad they did) without characters.  now i just need to figure out who is who. 

my budget is what i've managed to put away from teaching film classes, rehabbing basements and repairing toilets and the odd paying gig i get, so cheap is a key word.  i'd like to go around the country and see a lot of different places and meet a lot of people eventually.  but if you're out here in the midwest, i can come sooner than later.

after i get something to show, i can work for the grants to let me get out and about.

what i'm trying to say is if you think the film is a good idea like my karmic friend does, please don't sell yourself short as to what you can offer.  if nothing else, you can teach me more about it all.  there's a LOT of information out there i've been trying to wade through.  all of you can help me cut to the chase.

thanks again for the ideas and interest.



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