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A documentary film about you, nuclear workers

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well, you might want to look at the hanford reservation in the state of washington...  massive cleanup in progress and it's history goes back to the earliest plutonium production in the country..   there's numerous political issues regarding the site and new technologies for the clean up.  probably alot you could work with...    again, good luck

i think the nuclear rocket site has to be the most interesting in nuclear history- imagine a reactor the size of a 55 gallon drum with 900 mgwatts of thermal rating etc.  Area 25 at NTS-

the saddest  SL1, Scorpion, Thresher etc

Don't forget to include in your film the fact that Natural Nuclear Reactors exsisted in Africa way before we decided to split the Atom (see Oklo).  Try 1.8 billion years ago.  Found in 1972, they did operate in many ways like todays commercial nuclear reactors.  People always freak out when they hear this and don't believe me, especially after they had just told me that nuclear reactors are an aberration for whatever reason.  It may be a good way to start your show and grab people's interest.

excellent idea

interesting topic..the non regulation of fossil fuel plants as opposed to the nuke industry.."naturally occuring" doesnt mean noooooo problemo for the general public. Its amazing to me the no nuke controversy out there while coal burning plants generate levels that noone even meters..


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